Lisa and the F.I.X.
New Debut Album
"Footsteps On The Wall"
A rare jewel in the darkness, the fantastic and formidable Lisa.
Lisa is an Underground idol, and an unforgettable live act.
In 2021 Lisa is joined by her official band "The F.I.X.", featuring Duduk, Panflute, Cello and Cymbalon. Together they will create her debut album Footsteps On The Wall

Lisa's music is about emotional connection, simple lyrics take us deep into an intricate, layered world. Complex, textural drum lines and rich, melodic bass connect for an instant and bring clarity to how we feel.

"Footsteps On The Wall" is Lisa's debut album, some 10 years after Lisa started performing regularly.

The album is powered by Askö|Schoenberg
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and NITE
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Fonds Podiumkunsten 2021

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